Adobe Acrobat allows you to distribute any file, created in any application, to anyone, regardless of platform. Anything you can print--you can output as PDF! And your document retains its original look and feel! PDF's are the most efficient way to deliver files to clients and printers. Whether you are a graphic artist, pre-press specialist or Webmaster, you'll learn everything you need to create files that anyone can view, annotate, edit, print, and publish.

From basic features such as links, bookmarks, and thumbnails to setting basic Distiller job options to create a PDF that is optimized for specific output. You will create comments, import, export, and summarize comments. You will learn how to set security on a PDF document. Create bookmarks, thumbnails, and articles. You will learn how to add form fields to create a PDF form. You will create and search an index of multiple PDF documents.

Level 1: Intro
2 Day Course - Schedule

Course Outline:

Overview of Acrobat Family
Other Acrobat products

Navigating a PDF Document in Acrobat
Navigate using the toolbar
Change magnification
Follow links
Display and use bookmarks and thumbnails
View comments
Find text

Creating and Modifying PDF Documents
Use Distiller
Set Distiller options
Create PDF from Microsoft Office documents

Creating Links
Create and edit links within a document
Create a link to a site on the World Wide Web

Using Acrobat in a Document Review Cycle
Use and create comments
Import, export, and summarize comments
Set security

Advanced Distiller Techniques
Distiller compression and downsampling options
Create PDF from a PostScript file
Drag-and-drop files for distilling
Set up watched folders

Using and Creating Navigational Structures

Building an Index
Build an index
Set Catalog options
Searching an Index
Set Search options
Refine a search
Use the Document Info fields to conduct a search
Search for information using Boolean expressions

Creating Forms
Work with forms
Add form fields
Calculate form fields
Create a Reset Form field
Understand how to submit form fields over the Web

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