Using Contribute
1/2 Day Course - $295

Administering Contribute
1/2 Day Course - $295

Package Pricing: take both courses on the same day for $395

Using Contribute
1/2 day | 9am - 12:30pm

Course Outline

I. Purpose of the workshop
· What Macromedia Contribute can do
· How you use Macromedia Contribute to maintain content on a web site

II. Displaying content on the World Wide Web
· About HTML
· About browsers
· Web site roles and responsibilities

III. Exploring Macromedia Contribute
· Navigating the interface (Workspace, toolbars, menus)
· Setting your preferences
· Getting help

IV. Connecting to a web site
· Browse to a page
· Set up the site
· Bookmark a page

V. Editing Text on a Page
· Changing content
· Adding images
· Adding a Word or Excel document
· Creating a link
· Working with lists
· Inserting a table
· Inserting a Macromedia Flash movie

VI. Creating New Pages
· Copying the current page
· Blank web page
· Sample web pages
· Dreamweaver MX templates
· Adjusting page properties

VII. Publishing
· Saving locally
· Saving to the web site
· Having content reviewed
· Test links

Administering Contribute
1/2 day | 1pm - 5:30pm

· Familiarity with the set-up and administration of websites and web servers.
· Experience setting up users, groups and permissions.
· Familiarity with web page technologies, such as HTML and CSS.
· Experience building and maintaining web sites using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Administering

Course Outline

I. Introducing Contribute
· Introducing Contribute
· User types
· Contribute user interface
· Typical user process flow
· Web site types
· Contribute features

II. Setting up Contribute
· Configuration checklist
· Understanding shared settings
· Locating shared settings based on web site topology
· Creating a connection using FTP or LAN/Network connections

III. Administering a website
· Becoming the Administrator
· Adjusting Sitewide Settings
· Creating Permission Groups
· Export Connection Keys

IV. Using Dreamweaver MX
· Enabling new Dreamweaver sites
· Enabling Contribute from existing Dreamweaver sites
· Administering with Dreamweaver MX
· Sharing Connection Keys
· Rolling back with Dreamweaver MX


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