Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics creation software for print and the Web. Illustrator expands your creative freedom and enhances your productivity with its new Web graphics tools, versatile transparency capabilities, powerful object and layer effects, gradient mesh, pathfinders, and other innovative features. Now you can use these fast, flexible tools to transform your creative ideas into sophisticated graphics for use on the Web, in print, or in dynamic media projects.

Level 1: Intro
2 Day Course - $795 Schedule

Level 2: Intermediate Schedule
2 Day Course - $795


Course Outline: Level 1: Intro - top
2 Day Course

Application Overview
Vector vs. Raster based images
Starting the application
Opening files from the hard drive, and opening new files
Saving files, and choosing file formats
Setting Preferences and Color Settings

Overview of the Illustrator Workspace
Toolbox, palettes, hiding and docking palettes

Getting around, and viewing images using the Navigator palette
Zooming in and out
Using the Hand tool
Custom views
Viewing images in Preview mode, and Artwork mode

Working With Color
Applying Fills and Strokes
Adjusting Stroke weight
Using the Swatches Palette
Dragging and dropping new colors to the Swatches Palette, and onto objects
Loading Custom color libraries
Using the color sliders to choose colors

Creating, viewing, reordering, linking, and moving
Locking layers

Object Tools
Using the Ellipse, Rectangle, Star, and Polygon tools

The Pen Tool
Creating curves and straight lines
Tracing objects with the Pen tool
Modifying Pen paths

Basic Key Commands

Manipulation of Objects and Object Transformation
Moving, duplicating, selecting and deselecting
Grouping and Ungrouping
Arranging objects
Locking objects
Aligning objects

The Selection Tools
The Selection tool, Group selection tool, and Direct selection tool

The Transformation Tools
Scaling, rotating, distorting, and Free Transforming objects

Rasterizing Objects
Creating and viewing objects as pixels

Working With Text
Using the Text tools
Area Type
Type on a path
Vertical type
Converting type to outlines


Level 2: Intermediate - top
2 Day Course

Basic shapes and colors
Complex blends for shadowing and highlighting
Making blends for use as animations

Advanced Editing Tools
Using the Scissors and Knife tools
Using the Eyedropper and Bucket tools
Using the Pencil and Smooth tools
Using the Simplify command

Advanced Object Tools
Using the Line, Arc, Flare, and Grid Tools

Applying Effects to editable type
General Type effects

The Appearance Palette
Adding strokes and fills

Effects and Styles
Applying nondestructive visual effects to objects, images, and type
Creating editable shapes
Adding Drop Shadows and Glows
Using, and creating new styles
Saving and editing styles

Pathfinder Filters
Using the pathfinder filters and palette to combine objects and paths

Single and multiple masking objects
Using Clipping Masks and Opacity Masks
Importing Layer Masks from Photoshop
Using masks with the Layers Palette

The Gradient Tool
Using the gradient tool
Creating and saving gradients

The Transparency Palette
Adding transparency to objects
Using Blending Modes

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