Javascript and HTML fundamentals - A 3 day class specifically designed for web developers
wanting to incorporate Javascript into their web pages and for those who desire a better understanding
of HTML. This class is a result of the demand to know more than just Dreamweaver and the basics of HTML.

Javascripting has been found to be an integral part of any web site. Integrating javascript into applications such as Dreamweaver and other HTML editors are discussed. Learn how to create and add your own custom JavaScripts and HTML to enhance your web sites. The Javascript course can give students a tremendous boost in enhancing their Web Sites with the use of javascript.

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of HTML coding
 Introduction to HTML tags and attributes,
 Format tags (heading, paragraph)
 Font Tags
 Style tags
 Insert command tags (line breaks, META tags, horizontal line)
 Character tags (non breaking space, special characters)
 Form tags(text fields, buttons)

Lesson 2: Javascripting fundamentals and intermediate/advanced applications

Lesson 3: Client side scripts vs server side scripts

Lesson 4: Object Hierachy

Lesson 5: Intro to javascript terms (methods, functions,reserved words, objects/variables,event handlers)

Lesson 6: Commenting

Lesson 7: Object definition, setting and evaluating objects

Lesson 8: Functions (definition and calling)

Lesson 9: Using math operators and evaluators to create decisions

Lesson 10: If/Else statements

Lesson 11: For loops, while loops, do while loops

Lesson 12: Setting upper and lower case parameters

Lesson 13: Jump menus

Lesson 14: Using arrays to create internal database retrieval

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