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We offer a 2-day beginner training class in JavaScript.

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We also offer custom JavaScript training classes and consulting which can be tailored and targeted specifically to you and your staff. These classes can be held at many training centers or on-site at your location anywhere in the USA. We also provide JavaScript live online training classes in a virtual classroom. Our JavaScript training and support team have over 10 years experience developing and teaching Adobe applications.
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This two day Introduction to JavaScripting course is designed to give you the scripting knowledge to add interactivity to your website and to enable you to provide your site's users with a richer, more responsive experience. This is a practical hands-on course which assumes no previous programming knowledge.

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JavaScript Course outline

Introducing JavaScript

  • What is JavaScript .. JScript or ECMA Script?
  • What can it do for Web Developers?


Performing Operations

  • Javscript operators and their usage , including order of precedence.


Making Statements

  • The rules of JavaScript Syntax.


Using Arrays

  • Create indexed and associative arrays.


Date and Time

  • Use date and time objects in your code,as well as set timeouts.


Doing Mathematics

  • Useful functions that perform maths like round and random.


Working with Strings

  • HTML is string data so manipulating strings is crucial in JavaScript.
  • Learn about the most commonly used strings.


Adressing Page Objects

  • Learn about the DOM (Document Object Model) and how you can use this to manipulate elements on you page.


Windows Properties

  • The window is the top level object in the DOM.


Document Properties

  • The document include all the HTML.


Form Properties

  • Forms are important in building interactive sites. They allow the user to enter data.


Event Handlers

  • JavaScript can react to events, either generated by the user or elements loading.


Javascript and DHTML

  • DHTML pages make use of hidden HTML that is positioned in layers and can be made visible on events.


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

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