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We offer a 2-day beginner and a 2-day advanced training class in Premiere.

We currently offer public Premiere training classes in many cities around the country. Please click on the schedule link to your right to see a complete list of our Premiere classes.

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We also offer custom Premiere training classes and consulting which can be tailored and targeted specifically to you and your staff. These classes can be held at many training centers or on-site at your location anywhere in the USA. We also provide Premiere live online training classes in a virtual classroom. Our Premiere training and support team have over 10 years experience developing and teaching Adobe applications.
Please contact training@americanmediatraining.com if you would like more information on our Premiere custom training classes.

Premiere Logo   Premiere Beginner Class

This 2-day course covers the basics of learning Adobe Premiere, and countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with its new features, including new multicam editing tools, auto-creation of menu-based DVDs from the timeline, and Native HD, SD and HDV support, and more.

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Adobe Premiere Course outline

1. Getting Started with Adobe Premiere

  • Topic A: Explore the Premiere Pro Interface
  • Topic B: Customize the Workspace
  • Topic C: Create a Project


2. Assembling a Project

  • Topic A: Import Assets
  • Topic B: Organize Media Files
  • TopicC: Add Clips to a Sequence


3. Editing a Sequence

  • Topic A: Edit Footage
  • Topic B: Edit Clips


4. Enhancing a Sequence

  • Topic A: Apply Effects
  • Topic B: Add Transitions
  • Topic C: Add Text
  • Topic D: Create a Composite


5. Working with Audio

  • Topic A: Adjust Audio
  • Topic B: Apply Audio Effects
  • Topic C: Work with Merged Clips


6. Exporting Videos

  • Topic A: Export a Movie File
  • Topic B: Review a Movie File


7. Working with Adobe Encore

  • Topic A: Import Assets to Adobe Encore
  • Topic B: Add Chapters and Subtitles
  • Topic C: Create a Menu
  • Topic D: Create a Slide Show
  • Topic E: Add Navigation to a Menu
  • Topic F: Export a Project


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

Premiere Logo   Premiere Advanced Class

The course covers advanced editing techniques, media management issues, getting the best from Premiere's and After Effects' filters, optimising your system, working with sound, visually effective ways of working with text, working with motion and transparency, optimising video for broadcast, multimedia and the web and the options available when exporting for DVD.

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Lesson 1: Changing time

  • Getting Started
  • Using slow-motion and reverse-motion techniques
  • Enabling variable time changes with time remapping
  • Applying time remapping with speed transitions
  • Using time remapping with reverse motion
  • Recognizing the downstream effects of changing time
  • Changing the speed of multiple clips simultaneously
  • Changing the length of multiple stills simultaneously
  • Review questions
  • Review answers

Lesson 2: Acquiring and editing audio

  • Getting Started
  • Setting up a basic voice-recording area
  • Voicing professional narrations
  • Creating a high-quality aural experience
  • Examining audio characteristics
  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Adjusting audio gain
  • Adding J-cuts and L-cuts
  • Review questions
  • Review answers

Lesson 3: Sweetening your sound and mixing audio

  • Getting Started
  • Sweetening sound with audio effects
  • Trying stereo and 5.1 surround sound effects
  • Working with the Audio Mixer
  • Outputting tracks to submixes
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Creating a 5.1 surround sound mix
  • Fixing, sweetening, and creating soundtracks in Adobe Soundbooth
  • Review questions
  • Review answers

Lesson 4: Analyzing content

  • Getting Started
  • Transcribing speech to text
  • Enhancing the accuracy of speech analysis
  • Searching transcription for keywords
  • Setting In and Out points using speech analysis text
  • Modifying the metadata
  • Detecting faces in a sequence
  • Review questions
  • Review answers

Lesson 5. Exploring Compositing Techniques

  • Making compositing part of your projects
  • Working with the Opacity effect
  • Combine layers based on a blend mode
  • Working with alpha-channel transparencies
  • Color keying a green-screen shot with Ultra Key
  • Using matte keys

Lesson 6. Working with Color, Nested Sequences, and Shortcuts

  • An overview of color-oriented effects
  • Adjusting and enhancing color
  • Using nested sequences
  • Nesting clips
  • Getting to know the recommended keyboard shortcuts

Lesson 7. Managing Your Projects

  • Project menu overview
  • Using the Project Manager
  • Importing projects or sequences

Lesson 8. Exploring Adobe Onlocation CS6

  • Setting up Adobe OnLocation
  • Calibrating your camera with Camera Setup Assistant
  • Recording live video
  • Recording video to a shot list
  • Analyzing video with Adobe OnLocation
  • Importing clips not captured with Adobe OnLocation
  • Importing OnLocation clips with the Adobe Premiere Pro Media Browser

Lesson 9. Using Photoshop and After Effects to Enhance Your Video Projects

  • Exploring Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium
  • Importing Adobe Photoshop files as sequences
  • Using Dynamic Link with After Effects
  • Replacing a clip with an After Effects composition

Lesson 10. Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

  • Overview of export options
  • Recording to tape
  • Exporting single frames
  • Using the Export Settings dialog
  • Working with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Format overview
  • Using the formats
  • Exporting to mobile devices
  • Exporting to Final Cut Pro
  • Working with edit decision lists

Lesson 11. Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore CS6

  • Overview of DVD authoring in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adding Adobe Encore chapter markers to the Timeline
  • Creating an autoplay DVD
  • Creating a menu DVD
  • Creating a Blu-ray Disc
  • Exporting DVD projects to Flash


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

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Sorry at this time we have no public Level One courses scheduled, please call or email us to see if we can arrange a private course for you. training@americanmediatraining.com




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