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Storyline level 1 beginner course    Oct 21 2024 Oct 22 2024 Chicago
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Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel a class and receive a full refund (less a $50.00 administrative fee) if cancellation is received at least FOURTEEN DAYS prior to class date. Students are not eligible for a refund if cancellation is received within FOURTEEN DAYS of the class date (rescheduling is permitted in accordance with the Rescheduling Policy).

Rescheduling Policy

Students may reschedule a class without charge if rescheduling is requested at least FOURTEEN days prior to the class date. Rescheduling within FOURTEEN days of the class date will be subject to $100.00 rescheduling fee, which will be billed to the students payment method, including those paying with credit cards.

Refund Policy

Students may request a full refund if they leave their course by 1:00pm on the first day of training. A refund request must be submitted via email to sales@americanmediatraining.com stating the reason for the request.

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