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We offer a 2-day beginner and a 2-day advanced Acrobat training course in Salt Lake City

We currently offer public Acrobat training courses in Salt Lake City and in many cities around the country. Private coures are available on-site, online or at a venue in city near you. Please click on the schedule link above to see a complete list of our Acrobat courses including Acrobat courses offered in Salt Lake City.

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Our Acrobat training and support team have over 10 years experience developing and teaching Adobe applications.

We can also offer custom Acrobat training courses and consulting which can be tailored and targeted specifically to you and your staff in Salt Lake City. Please contact our Acrobat training and support team at training@americanmediatraining.com for more information regarding our Acrobat courses in Salt Lake City.

Acrobat Logo   Acrobat Beginner Class

Adobe Acrobat Professional is the worldwide industry standard tool for problem-free digital document proofing and for computer to plate solutions.

Acrobat is also widely used for integrating documents into websites and content re-purposing. This introductory course is for those using Acrobat in a print, design or publishing capacity who need a comprehensive and practical understanding of Acrobat.

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Adobe Acrobat Course outline

1.  Getting Started

  • Topic A: The Acrobat environment
  • Topic B: Advanced navigation
  • Topic C: Finding text
  • Topic D: Getting help
  • Topic E: Setting preferences

  2.  Creating PDF Documents

  • Topic A: Printing to PDF from any application
  • Topic B: Acrobat PDF Maker
  • Topic C: The Create PDF commands

  3.  Modifying PDF Documents

  • Topic A: Moving document pages
  • Topic B: Modifying content
  • Topic C: Moving PDF content to other programs
  • Topic D: Adding multimedia
  • Topic E: Optimizing PDF file size

  4.  Document Navigation Tools

  • Topic A: Working with bookmarks
  • Topic B: Working with links

  5.  PDF Accessibility

  •  Topic A: Accessible documents
  • Topic B: Accessibility in the Acrobat environment

  6.  Document Security

  • Topic A: Password protection
  • Topic B: Digital signatures
  • Topic C: Encryption certification and security envelopes
  • Topic D: Adobe LIve Cycle Rights Management ES encryption
  • Topic E: Password and certificate security policies

  7.  Document Review Techniques

  • Topic A: Document reviews
  • Topic B: Reviewer tools
  • Topic C: Managing comments and markups

Acrobat Logo   Acrobat Advanced Class

This course builds on the fundamentals taught in Acrobat Pro: Basic. Students will learn how to produce high-quality PDF documents for press. They will learn how to discover geospatial data in a PDF map. They will learn prepress techniques including color management, proofing and converting colors, color separations, managing links, trapping, and transparency flattening.

Students will use the Preflight feature to test and convert a document to comply with print provider requirements or ISO9000 standards such as PDF/X, PDF/A, or PDF/E. Students will learn how to interact forms using both the Form Editor as well as Live Cycle Designer ES2. They will learn to distribute PDF documents and forms, and to compile form data returned from users.

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1.  High-Quality PDF's

  • Topic A: PDF generation methods
  • Topic B: PDF file attributes
  • Topic C: PDF settings
  • Topic D: Geospatial data

  2.  Colour Management

  • Topic A: Colour management basics
  • Topic B: Colour management workflow
  • Topic C: Soft-proofing colors
  • Topic D: Converting colors

 3.  Colour Separations

  • Topic A: Colour separation setup
  • Topic B: Separations preview
  • Topic C: Ink Manager
  • Topic D: Trapping
  • Topic E: Transparency flattening
  • Topic F: Printing color separations

  4.  Preflight and Validation

  • Topic A: Print problems
  • Topic B: Preflight profiles
  • Topic C: Preflight reports
  • Topic D: Preflight droplets
  • Topic E: Validation and conversion

  5.  Interactive PDF Forms

  • Topic A: Forms and Live Cycle Designer ES2
  • Topic B: Creating a form
  • Topic C: Working with form fields
  • Topic D: Modifying a form
  • Topic E: Testing a form

 6.  PDF Distribution and Management

  • Topic A: PDF distribution
  • Topic B: Form management 

Sorry at this time we have no public Salt Lake City Level One courses scheduled, please call or email us to see if we can arrange a private course for you. training@americanmediatraining.com

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