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We offer a 5-day beginner Authorware training course in New York

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Authorware is multimedia development tool for creating E-learning, CBT and WBT applications. This course is designed for developers who are new to the authoring environment. Our Authorware 7 course is a customized 5 day intensive workshop starting for beginners wanting to become productive quickly in this very efficient CBT application.

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Day One

Lesson 1
Introduction and Sequencing
Building an intro sequence using, digital video, sound, text,
animation and introducing the student to the interaction and
decision icon.

Lesson 2
Interaction Icons
Creating a multiple choice question using text, hot spots, and
feedback for each selection. Defining text styles and grouping is
also covered.

Lesson 3
Using text entry. Introduction to wildcards and the Entrytext variable

Day Two
Review of Day One

Student Lesson - build a multiple choice question with feedback
for each response.

Lesson 1
Targeting and Libraries
Building a Target interaction with snap to, catch all and locking
objects. Incorporating the use of and demonstrating libraries are
used in this Lesson. Constraining icons to area's, paths and
screen is also covered.

Lesson 2
Introduction to Frameworks
Creating a fully function navigation system using the Framework
Icon. Students will import graphics, rtf files, edit buttons and use
hypertext linking in this example.
The use of the Active If condition will be used to disable/hide
inactive buttons.

Lesson 3
Students will build a drop down menu system

Student Lesson - build a target area, when all targets are
complete allow the user to restart/reset the application

Student Lesson - build a framework with 3 pages of navigation,
using a constant background and disabling appropriate navigation
on the first and the last pages.

Day Three - top

Review of Day Two

Lesson 1
Implementing Decision Icons, System and Custom variables, If
Else statements and the Test Function.
Develop a series of Multiple Choice questions with feedback for
Pass or Fail

Lesson 2
Demonstrating the use of the IconID variable in a Random feedback

Lesson 3
Nested Frameworks and switches
Students learn how to create and navigate through frameworks
within frameworks. Switches are used to disable/enable navigation
buttons at the appropriate times.

Lesson 4
Radio Buttons and the Checked Variable
Authorware's radio buttons need to be programmed. Further use of
Active If and making use of the checked variable will be

Lesson 5
Students will develop static and dynamic sliders. The slider will be
used to manipulate another object and for navigation.

Student Lesson - build a nested framework with full and
appropriate navigation control.

Day Four

Review of Day One

Lesson 1
Rollovers using IconID
Develop a 3 state button, manipulating each response individually

Lesson 2
Data Capture/Retrieval
Students will use the File functions to write, read and parse data from
their local hard drives.
Character functions and custom variables will be used.

Lesson 3
Jump Files - Having one authorware application interface with another application
Students will be two Authorware files, that call each other and pass variable to each other.

Lesson 4
Packaging, Web Delivery
Students will create a login sequence that tests for new/current users. This application will be
packages as an EXE as well as an AAM file for Web Delivery.

Student Lesson - create a log in sequence that tests users account status,
creating new accounts if necessary.

Day Five

Review of Day Two

Q/A on all courseware to date including anything specific that has not been covered.

Lesson 1
Database Access - ODBC
Using external functions in Authorware to write/read data through ODBC

Lesson 2
Post URL sending variables to an ASP, CFM over the WEB

Lesson 3
Active X controls, Asset Xtras
Using Flash as an Asset Xtra

Final Project
The Final Project incorporates most of what has been learned over the last four days.
It is designed to give the student the ability to create a CBT and includes the following:
Login Sequence
Record Retrieval
Full Navigation through the learning section
User Feedback - comparisons
Data capture/tracking

This Lesson should take between 4-6 hours.

Final Review


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