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We offer a 2-day beginner and a 2-day advanced InDesign training course

We currently offer public InDesign training courses and in many cities around the country. Private coures are available on-site, online or at a venue in city near you. Please click on the schedule link above to see a complete list of our InDesign courses .

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Our InDesign training and support team have over 10 years experience developing and teaching Adobe applications.

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InDesign Logo   InDesign Beginner Class

This course is focused on editing and creating layouts for brochures, newsletters, books, magazines and even interactive documents. This course will get you started with the basic concepts of InDesign and give you a path to continue your mastery of the application. This is a great primer for those seeking their Adobe certification.

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Adobe InDesign Course outline

1. Getting Started

  • Topic A: The Adobe InDesign environment
  • Topic B: Preferences and defaults
  • Topic C: InDesign Help


2. Basic Documents

  • Topic A: New documents
  • Topoic B: Text frames
  • Topic C: Graphics frames
  • Topic D: Custom colors


3. Guides and Master Pages

  • Topic A: Object positioning
  • Topic B: Master pages


4. Typesetting

  • Topic A: Text frame threading
  • Topic B: Paragraph formatting
  • Topic C: Styles


5. Modifying Items

  • Topic A: Text frame options
  • Topic B: Graphics
  • Topic C: Grouped items
  • Topic D: Layers


6. Finalizing Documents

  • Topic A: Printing and exporting documents
  • Topic B: Preparing for commercial printing


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

InDesign Logo   InDesign Advanced Class

This course is directed towards InDesign users and publishing professionals with a basic working knowledge of InDesign. The focus of this course is on some of the finer points of desktop publishing with InDesign including creation of interactive documents.

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1. Efficient layout

  • Topic A: Document setup
  • Topic B: Tint and gradient swatches
  • Topic C: Object libraries and snippets
  • Topic D: Item spacing


2. Vector paths

  • Topic A: Creating vector paths
  • Topic B: Vector paths and pictures
  • Topic C: Vector paths and type


3. Typography

  • Topic A: Manual type resizing
  • Topic B: Automated styles
  • Topic C: Graphics in typography
  • Topic D: Precise leading control
  • Topic E: Composition, hyphenation, and justification
  • Topic F: Horizontal spacing


4. Graphics

  • Topic A: Layer comps
  • Topic B: Transparency
  • Topic C: Object styles
  • Topic D: Transforming objects


5. Tables

  • Topic A: Creating tables
  • Topic B: Changing table structure
  • Topic C: Formatting tables


6. Text Editing

  • Topic A: The story editor
  • Topic B: The CS Review panel
  • Topic C: Special characters
  • Topic D: Column, frame, and page breaks


7. Long Documents

  • Topic A: Sections
  • Topic B: Tables of contents
  • Topic C: Indexes and cross-references
  • Topic D: Books
  • Topic E: Footnotes


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

Introduction to Adobe InDesign Training Course

You do not have to be a current InDesign user to attend this course. It is designed for developers you have either very little or no experience using InDesign

We do however recommend that you obtain Adobe InDesign before starting the class. It is very important to be able to practice your new skills as soon as possible. You can purchase a subscription to InDesign or obtain a trial version of it from the Adobe website.

Introduction to Adobe InDesign Training Class: Course Materials

We use the official Adobe training materials for our classes as well as personal notes and lesson plans from our instructors. They are yours to keep after your training

Upon completion of the course a certificate is issued. Adobe do offer exams for InDesign certification. You can obtain the The Adobe Certified Expert qualification by achieving a minimum of 70% in the Online tests offered via Pearson Vue

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If there is a group of 3 or more it may be worthwhile looking at a private custom InDesign course which we can teach at your location. You would need to facilitate the training venue which requires a projection system for our instructor and a computer with InDesign installed for each student. Please email us with your request so we can provide a quote at training@americanmediatraining.com

For individuals we recommend a 1:1 custom InDesign class which we can teach at the same cost as a public course. Please click here for more details


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Sorry at this time we have no public Level One courses scheduled, please call or email us to see if we can arrange a private course for you. training@americanmediatraining.com

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