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We offer a 3-day beginner RoboHelp training course in Salt Lake City

We currently offer public RoboHelp training courses in Salt Lake City and in many cities around the country. Private coures are available on-site, online or at a venue in city near you. Please click on the schedule link above to see a complete list of our RoboHelp courses including RoboHelp courses offered in Salt Lake City.

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Our RoboHelp training and support team have over 10 years experience developing and teaching Adobe applications.

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This 3-day instructor-led training course covers the strategies and development process of designing a Help system. You will be introduced to the RoboHelp Office environment and create actual HTML-based Help projects, including creating context-sensitive WebHelp. You will also explore the single-sourcing capability of RoboHelp by generating cross-platform WebHelp, HTML Help and creating printed documentation.

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Adobe RoboHelp Course outline

Lesson 1: Introduction to RoboHelp HTML

  • Create an HTML Help Project
  • Explore the Pods
  • Explore the Toolbars
  • Load the Default Environment
  • Save an Environment
  • Retitle and Rename the Project
  • Edit a Topic
  • Edit a Topic Headline
  • Rename and Delete Topics
  • Create a TOC Book
  • Add, Delete and Rename TOC Books
  • Move TOC Books
  • Add Pages to TOC Books
  • Generate a Project

Lesson 2: Topic Formatting

  • Create a WebHelp Project
  • Import an HTML File
  • Import a Word Document
  • Import a FrameMaker Document
  • Rename Topic Titles
  • Create Project Folders
  • Auto-create a TOC
  • Apply a Style Sheet to a Topic
  • Apply Styles to Selected Paragraphs
  • Create a New Style Sheet
  • Create a Font Set
  • Use Inline Styles
  • Use Spell Check
  • Use the Multi-File Find and Replace Utility
  • Generate 508 and W3C Compliant WebHelp

Lesson 3: FlashHelp, Links, PDFs and Pop-Ups

  • Generate FlashHelp Output
  • Create a New Toolbar
  • Add Commands to a Toolbar
  • Insert Hyperlinks
  • Change Hyperlink Colors
  • Insert Bookmarks
  • Import a PDF Document
  • Insert Auto-Sizing Popups
  • Insert Custom-Sized Popups
  • Insert a Text-Only Popup
  • Use Link View
  • Resolve Broken Links

Lesson 4: Graphics and Multimedia

  • Add Graphics to a Help Project
  • Change Image Margins
  • Rename an Image
  • Add a Background Image
  • Add Hotspots to a Graphic
  • Add Sound to a Topic
  • Import and Format Topics
  • Insert an Adobe RoboHelp Demo
  • Create a Screen Capture using RoboScreenCapture

Lesson 5: Build Tags, Variables and Snippets

  • Create Conditional Build Tags
  • Define a Build Tag Expression
  • Create a New Table of Contents
  • Create a Variable
  • Insert and Edit a Variable
  • Create a Snippet
  • Add a Snippet to a Topic

Lesson 6: Tables and DHTML

  • Insert a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Add a Horizontal Line
  • Insert a Symbol
  • Add a Bulleted List
  • Format a Heading with a Fade in DHTML Effect
  • Apply Fly in DHTML Effects
  • Work with Positioned Text Boxes
  • Create a Trigger

Lesson 7: Indexes, Glossaries, Printed Docs and PDFs

  • Run the Smart Index Wizard
  • Remove and Add Index Entries
  • Add Keywords Via Topic Properties
  • Add Subkeywords to the Index
  • Create a See Also Keyword
  • Insert a Link Control
  • Add Glossary Terms
  • Generate a Report
  • Generate Printed Documentation
  • Generate a PDF

Lesson 8: Forms and Frames

  • Insert a Form
  • Add Form Radio Buttons
  • Add HTML Code to a Topic
  • Add a Form Check Box
  • Insert a Drop-Down Menu into a Form
  • Add a Multi-line Text Field to a Form
  • Add Form Submit and Reset Buttons
  • Name a Form and Set an Action
  • Import HTML Files Create a Frameset
  • Modify Frameset Attributes
  • Link Topics into Frameset Regions

Lesson 9: Skins and Templates

  • Use a Skin
  • Create a Custom Skin
  • Publish a Project
  • Create a Topic Template
  • Edit a Template

Lesson 10: Windows, Browsing and Help

  • Create a Custom Window
  • Create a Browse Sequence
  • Review a Web Application's Source Code
  • Publish a WebHelp Project
  • Review CSH Source Code
  • Create a Custom WebHelp Window
  • Create a Map File and Assign Map IDs


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.

Sorry at this time we have no public Salt Lake City Level One courses scheduled, please call or email us to see if we can arrange a private course for you. training@americanmediatraining.com

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