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We offer a 1-day beginner, 1-day intermediate and a 1-day advanced Word training course in Los Angeles

We currently offer public Word training courses in Los Angeles and in many cities around the country. Private course are available on-site, online or at a venue in city near you. Please click on the schedule link above to see a complete list of our Word courses including Word courses offered in Los Angeles.

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Our Word training and support team have over 10 years experience developing and teaching Microsoft applications.

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Word Logo   Word Beginner Class

Microsoft Word still reigns as the world's most popular word processor. The two most recent versions, MS Word 2007 and MS Word 2010, offer all the features of previous versions, but with a completely new interface. Microsoft Word classes have been designed to help you build skill with both Word 2007 as well as Word 2010. As a result, this MS Word 2007/2010 training course provides you with a wealth of sophisticated techniques which can be applied using either version of Word.

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Microsoft Word Course outline

Getting Started in MS Word 2007/2010

  • Learn the differences between MS Word documents with .doc, .docx, .xps, .docm or .dotx extensions.
  • Create documents from scratch or using Word's templates
  • Recover crashed documents with the AutoRecover tool


Navigation and Selection Techniques

  • Find and open documents and view them in a split screen or any level of magnification
  • Work in any "View" of a document, including Print, Full Screen Reading and Outline views


Editing Text in MS Word 2007/2010

  • Insert and delete text, the date and time, symbols, and special characters - from foreign currencies to dashes
  • Use the Undo and Redo commands to compare or correct various versions of what you have written - even after you have saved a specific version
  • Rearrange any sections of text in the document using shortcuts for Cut, Copy and Paste


Formatting Text in MS Word 2007/2010

  • Apply character formats using font tools, the toolbar, the repeat command and the Format Painter
  • Control every aspect of paragraph formatting, including alignment, borders, shading, indents and spacing around and within paragraphs
  • Use the AutoFormat tool to save your favorite formatting options for future use


Word Tables

  • Create tables from scratch or from existing text
  • Convert text to tables and vice versa
  • Format characters and paragraphs within tables
  • Add or delete table columns or rows or entire tables
  • Change the width of a table column and align tables on the page


Page Layout in Word 2007/2010

  • Create, edit and add headers, footers and page numbers to your document
  • Set and adjust page margins or use one of Word's many preset margin options
  • Define your document's orientation (portrait or landscape), vertical text alignment and line and page breaks


Proofing and Printing Documents in Word

  • Check spelling and grammar as you type and use different MS Word dictionaries
  • Let MS Word's thesaurus find appropriate synonyms and antonyms
  • Find and replace any content, from a single character to the entire document
  • Preview a document and set print options before you send it to the printer



  • Insert graphics and clip art from a file on your computer
  • Resize, rotate and crop graphics to fit in well with the rest of your content


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

Word Logo   Word Intermediate Class

After our Word 2007/2010 Introduction class, you know the basics. And now it's time to expand your skill set with our Word Intermediate training, which will give you the added control you want over your documents - especially when it comes to formatting your content, and adding tables or graphics. Microsoft Word classes have been designed to help you build skill with both Word 2007 as well as Word 2010. This course is specifically designed for those who already have a working knowledge of Word, and covers Word styles and templates, as well as the best techniques to apply sophisticated layouts. We'll also teach you how to share your documents with others, safely and efficiently.

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Microsoft Word Course outline

Using Styles in Microsoft Word

  • Create easy-to-apply formats for paragraphs or individual characters
  • Create and manage styles in a document, and export styles to other documents
  • Save time by setting up custom style defaults that work for you
  • View your content in Outline mode or Full Screen Reading mode
  • Use the Document Map and Thumbnails panes


Creating Sections & Columns with Word

  • Insert, view, and delete section breaks
  • Organize pages and sections with headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Format text into columns
  • Adjust the spacing between columns, and insert and delete column breaks
  • Create eye-catching headlines that span multiple columns


Formatting Tables in Microsoft Word

  • Position and fit your text into tables: align and orient text, merge and split cells, change row heights and column widths
  • Select your own colors for table borders and cell shading
  • Quickly sort data in a table
  • Avoid laborious typing with a repeating header row
  • Use formulas in tables
  • Choose from Word's built-in table styles


Printing Labels & Envelopes in Word

  • Print labels for a single recipient
  • Import addresses from Outlook
  • Print an envelope for a single recipient


Using Templates and Building Blocks

  • Create a new document from a template
  • Create a custom template with your own styles
  • Streamline your work with Word "building blocks"
  • Protect your content with passwords
  • View and edit your document's properties and statistics


Adding Graphics in Microsoft Word

  • Create and format different diagrams using built-in Word tools
  • Add text to a SmartArt graphic or shape
  • Create powerful images with Word shapes
  • Convert a shape into a text box and link multiple text boxes
  • Separate text box formatting from text formatting
  • Change the stacking order and alignment of objects for powerful effects
  • Create stand-out text with WordArt, drop caps, and pull quotes


Managing Document Revisions

  • Stay in control by setting up change tracking
  • Personalize Word and limit which reviewers' comments you see
  • Restrict who can edit a document
  • Merge changes from multiple documents
  • Add, merge, print, and delete comments


Implementing Web Features in Word

  • Easily view and save documents as Web pages
  • Send documents via e-mail
  • Edit the Web page title people will see in the web browser
  • Set up your specific Web options
  • Open HTML documents for viewing in a browser or editing in Word
  • Insert and use hyperlinks to web pages or any files


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

Word Logo   Word Advanced Class

Our Advanced Microsoft Word course will empower you to take Word beyond basic word processing to its full potential as one of your main productivity tools. Microsoft Word classes have been designed to help you build skill with both Word 2007 as well as Word 2010. and building on our Word 2007/2010 Fundamentals and Intermediate training, the Advanced class will broaden your understanding of sophisticated tools and techniques for dealing with long documents, automating your work, integrating Word data with other applications, and much more.

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Using Mail Merge in Word

  • Quickly customize a form letter with your own fields
  • Identify a starting document and recipient list
  • Efficiently manage your own recipient lists: create, sort, and filter recipients
  • Generate and print mailing labels and envelopes

Adding Objects and Backgrounds

  • Embed data from existing files as "objects" in your Word document
  • Easily apply background colors or effects, or create a watermark
  • Define page borders to fit your content
  • Save formatting time by applying a theme
  • Protect your document's formatting

Creating Forms in Microsoft Word

  • Navigate the different parts of a form
  • Create your own labels for form fields
  • Make it easy on your users with drop-down lists and date controls
  • Protect your form and control who can make changes
  • Ensure professional-level quality with Word's Compatibility Checker and Document Inspector
  • Publish your form as either a PDF or XMS file
  • Add security with digital signatures

Using Macros in Microsoft Word

  • Record your tasks as a macro
  • Access your macro as a menu command or a toolbar button, or from the Developer tab
  • View a macro's associated VBA code
  • Enable and disable macros
  • Decide between signed and unsigned macros

Customizing Your Word Environment

  • Add commands and macros to a toolbar in just a few steps
  • Control hitch toolbars are displayed
  • Capture commands as keyboard shortcuts
  • Reset Word to its original shortcut settings

Working With Long Documents

  • Organize your content with a master document and subdocuments
  • Easily insert and delete subdocuments and cover pages
  • Add and edit a table of contents with confidence
  • Give your images and illustrations added clarity with captions
  • Use Word's automated tools for adding indexes, citations, or bibliographies
  • Apply and manage footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks, and cross-references
  • Create and modify a web frame

Using Word's XML Features

  • Define XML tags
  • Select and attach an XML schema to a document
  • Apply tags to elements
  • Control schema validation with Word's XML Options
  • Interpret schema validation error messages
  • Use XSL and XSLT to transform your content's appearance


Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical course. We may change or alter the course topics to meet the objectives of a particular course.

Sorry at this time we have no public Los Angeles Level One courses scheduled, please call or email us to see if we can arrange a private course for you. training@americanmediatraining.com

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